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poke graphics

__) __) ---._______) The poke logo ============= Simple poking hand (vectorial): ICO file with the poking hand: T-shirts ======== Poke t-shirt overview (front): Poke t-shirt overview (back): High-res t-shirt files (back and front): http://jemarch.net/images/poke-tshirt/poke-tshirt-back.tif http://jemarch.net/images/poke-tshirt/poke-tshirt-front.tif Stickers and mugs ================= We have a few designs for stickers and mugs: Black on white: Black on white with no shadow: Red on white: Red on white no shadow: Red on black: Red on black no shadow: Special Motives =============== GNU poke 2.0 FCB commemorative motive (PNG): GNU poke 2.0 FCB commemorative motive (PDF):